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Ceramic Glass Seal is Car-Chem’s revolutionary glass sealant that provides incredible protection making your windows and external mirrors clearer in the rain and therefore making driving safer. The easy-on, easy-off formula gives quick and effective results while leaving behind no streaks.

How to use:

Lightly mist formula onto a low pile microfibre cloth and wipe the window in even lines.
Using a second dry microfibre cloth, buff the window to remove any left over product.
Leave to cure for as long as possible in a dry environment if available.

Top tip!

For best results apply in a cool, shaded area and do not over apply.



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500ML, 1L, 5L, 25L

1 review for Ceramic Glass Seal

  1. Chris D

    I have heard mixed feelings about this product on the Car-Chem discussion groups but personally, I like it. The issue raised seems to be around its difficulty of application. I have applied it to my already polished and ceramic sealed glass and also to my neighbour’s grotty BMW as a test subject and have had no problems. My suggestion is to polish and then clean the glass to get the best possible foundation before applying it out of the sun. You want to have time to buff before it evaporates. Like most other Car-Chem products it seems to be water-based as it doesn’t give off the solvent fumes like its competitors. I’m not sure what Car-Chem suggests but I like to apply perhaps once every couple of months. As expected, once applied, the rain instantly beads and zips off.

    I would like to see a smaller bottle offered. Because it needs applying so infrequently I think a 250ml spray bottle would be perfect and allow people to add it to their basket without such a hike in total basket cost. Just a thought.

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