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  1. Claire Thompson

    Absolutely love PRE SOAK+ SNOWFOAM! Followed up a 5 min soaking with it, using new CERAMIC SUDS! My VW Golf is literally squeaky clean now, and protected from the elements with a hydrophobic layer that was effortless to apply.

    Pre Soak+ Snow FoamPre Soak+ Snow Foam

  2. Claire Thompson

    Absolutely love CERAMIC SUDS! Used following a 5 min soaking with PRE SOAK+ SNOWFOAM. My VW Golf is literally squeaky clean now, and protected from the elements with a hydrophobic layer that was effortless to apply.

    Ceramic Suds ShampooCeramic Suds Shampoo

  3. Mark Cousins #Mcdetailing41 (verified owner)

    I’m very apprehensive with every product being labeld “ceramic” but ceramic suds repels water upon first contact you can actually se the productt working immediately. Drying the vehicle was a breeze and gloss was brilliant. Inly down fall as far as I can tell is I only ordered 5L not 25L on black tryday

    Ceramic Suds ShampooCeramic Suds Shampoo

  4. rickydfc1977 (verified owner)

    I ordered a bottle of the new Citrus Clean and I was really impressed. Citrus Clean is great as a pre wash the dirt and grime is removed instantly ready for the main wash throughly recommend.

    Citrus CleanCitrus Clean

  5. alan.taylor12 (verified owner)

    Best shampoo I have ever used , nothing else comes near.

    Super Suds Shampoo 1900:1Super Suds Shampoo 1900:1

  6. alan.taylor12 (verified owner)

    Got the free 100ml sample which was enough for 4 coats & was impressed that I ordered a bigger bottle. You definitely don’t need much product, so avoid over application.


  7. alan.taylor12

    Pretty good actually, comfortable & easy to hold & the long medium hard bristles get into all the tyre surfaces.

    Hard Handled BrushHard Handled Brush

  8. Melinda

    Very good post. I’m dealing with a few of these issues as well..

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    Fine Grade Clay MittFine Grade Clay Mitt

  9. Claire Thompson

    This is the best glass cleaner I have ever used, would not be without a bottle in my detailing bag now! No streaks and easy to apply & buff off!

    Clear View Glass CleanerClear View Glass Cleaner

  10. Claire Thompson

    Regularly use these brushes when detailing the car for shows. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Use them for wheels, brake calipers, window frames and engine bay to name a few. So versatile!

    Professional Detailing BrushProfessional Detailing Brush

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