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  1. I tried Lockdown on my car for the first time this weekend and was very impressed with the results. Another great product from Car-Chem!
    However, I would take issue with Car-Chem’s claims that Lockdown gives up to 12 months protection. I would not expect a product of this type to last that long and would be happy with good protection between maintenance washes. Car-Chem should update their product description for Lockdown and give a more realistic time for the duration of the protection.

    Image #1 from Mike Watson
  2. I have heard mixed feelings about this product on the Car-Chem discussion groups but personally, I like it. The issue raised seems to be around its difficulty of application. I have applied it to my already polished and ceramic sealed glass and also to my neighbour’s grotty BMW as a test subject and have had no problems. My suggestion is to polish and then clean the glass to get the best possible foundation before applying it out of the sun. You want to have time to buff before it evaporates. Like most other Car-Chem products it seems to be water-based as it doesn’t give off the solvent fumes like its competitors. I’m not sure what Car-Chem suggests but I like to apply perhaps once every couple of months. As expected, once applied, the rain instantly beads and zips off.

    I would like to see a smaller bottle offered. Because it needs applying so infrequently I think a 250ml spray bottle would be perfect and allow people to add it to their basket without such a hike in total basket cost. Just a thought.

    Image #1 from Chris D
  3. Car-Chem seems to make a bewildering array of spray-on sealant products but my vote goes to Lockdown. Firstly, a little goes a long way on the surface and it does seem to last a fair amount of time. I wouldn’t expect 12 months, but personally, I would be happy with any spray-on product that has to only be applied once every 3 months. I use it in good weather on my ceramic coated car and I have also tried it on my neighbour’s grotty unloved BMW just to see how it performs. ( I know, I have an issue) The product itself is water-based so has a nice clean scent rather than having harsh fumes. It goes on and buffs off easily on both ceramic coated and virgin, unpolished paintwork. If time/my wife allows, I also use it on my alloys. It leaves a clear/cold finish and a tight water beading effect rather than the sheeting seen from Hydo-Coat. I suppose the best praise I can give it is that I initially bought it as a 100ml trial bottle. Since then I have ordered a larger bottle. It is my go-to detailer/protectant for good weather use.

    Image #1 from Chris D
  4. Citrus cleaners are not something I have used before so I cannot compare it to others available. Car-Chems Citrus Clean is extremely versatile. I now use use it weekly at 25mls : 975mls to clean sticky/oily handprints off the interior of my car and 50mls : 950mls as an exterior pre-cleaning agent. Wheels, engine bay and behind the petrol filler cap all seem to be well within its capability. Yesterday I sprayed a weak solution onto a house carpet before running the carpet cleaner across it. I think it gave an extra little boost. From what I have seen I think it is best at cutting through organic grime such as finger oils, food and drink spillage, bug splatter and birdlime. Because it is versatile in use and is good value for money, it makes it into my list of favourite Car-Chem Products.

    Image #1 from Chris D
  5. I love this product. The value for money that this single product offers is second to none. Rather than use it as a detailing type spray you can add 25mls to 975mls of water to make a spray-on-rinse-off protectant. Just spray the mixture all over the car after washing and then rinse to very quickly add protection. 25mls to make 1 litre of protectant is amazing value for money. Before trying Hydro-Coat I used another ready mixed product from a well knone British brand at £15 per 500mls. I will not go back as this is just as good. I even like the smell. If you prefer to detail your car after washing, this product is still perfect for quickly protecting wheels.

    I’m not sure about Car-Chems thoughts on this but I spray it on the entire car including the glass. I have not had any problems with smearing. I keep it in my winter arsenal for when it is too cold to use detail spray.

    Image #1 from Chris D