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Car-Chem Iron DeTox is the only iron fallout wheel cleaner you will need.

A must have car cleaning product; not only is it an anti-fallout wheel cleaner but it’s also suitable to use on vehicle paintwork.

Specially formulated for improved coverage and containing a higher concentration of active ingredient than other fallout removers. A product that is both; touchless, and visually tells you that it is working. The pH neutral chemistry removes excess brake dust, dirt and grime and the resulting effect is a vibrant red “bleed” when working.

How To Use:

  1. Spray across the wheel surface and in all hard to reach places.
  2. Let the specialist anti-fallout technology work for up to 5 minutes.
  3. Watch as it changes from a colourless solution to a vibrant red as the specialist formula begins to break down contaminants.
  4. Agitate with a detailing brush on ingrained contamination.
  5. Rinse off excess product.

Top Tip:

Car-Chem Iron DeTox can be used on any area of the vehicle’s exterior that may have iron contamination, including the paintwork by following the above directions.

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5 reviews for Iron DeTox

  1. Andy Smith (store manager)

    Every single product is an absolute star and all this from a brilliant company. Keep up the tremendous work

  2. appleroe707

    I have recently bought a lot of car chem products , the first of which was a xmass mystery box my wife got for me , one of the products was the iron remover , I have to say I was impressed, on my car I have painted rims with 4 weeks worth of mess on them , very quickly I saw the color change even on black painted rims ,quick agitation and nice clean rims, on my wife’s car that has not had a wash since the end of the summer (yep desusting) was as you can imagine in quite a state, the wheels were in a bad way ,no quick color change here, however after a few mins were totally purple, a bit of a agertation and a rinse and the om wheels came up lovely .I have bought quite a few car chem products apart from the mystery box ,17 products in all ,some from the other car chem site ,obviously not used them all yet , 8 of them I ordered tonight on the back of the performance of the products I have used so far, with good early results and will review them when I can form a good opinon but so far so good

  3. Justin Bowser (verified owner)

    I never usually write reviews, but this product is fantastic. I used Iron Detox first, then Alloy Clean on an 11 year old Merc CLS (with just a little agitation from the Car-Chem wheel brush), and after two applications the wheels have come up like new. Highly recommended!

    Image #1 from Justin Bowser
    Image #2 from Justin Bowser
  4. Claire Thompson

    Used Iron Detox followed by Alloy Clean are a perfect combination. with just a little agitation then rinse, the wheels on my >10 year Golf came up sparkly and fresh using this pair. A definite must-have for wheel day!

  5. Pablo (verified owner)

    Great product, works well all
    Over, 5 litres purchased on sale, will buy again for sure

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