Sapphire Ceramic Wax

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Sapphire is our new SiO2 (silicone dioxide) based ceramic wax; delivering outstanding protection for your vehicles paintwork.

Developed by our in house technical department, Sapphire Ceramic Wax uses the latest 21st century technology. This high-grade ceramic wax contains the most premium grades of carnauba, montan and bees waxes. Which provides excellent protection and hydrophobicity. Sapphire also contains natural fruit extract oils and of course SiO2 ceramic. Combined within a natural non-harmful base; Sapphire is easy to use giving great results by protecting your vehicle’s bodywork from contamination.

How To Use:

  1. Clean your vehicle and decontaminate the paintwork thoroughly.
  2. Apply Sapphire with a foam or sponge applicator pad, in small circular motions, one panel at a time.
  3. Allow Sapphire to haze and buff using a clean microfibre cloth.

Top Tip:

Apply in a shaded area. For maximum protection, do not drive your vehicle for 24 hours after application. Sapphire can also be used on your alloy wheels as a sealant.

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4 reviews for Sapphire Ceramic Wax

  1. thrustyjust (verified owner)

    Decided to try this Ceramic wax and as usual quickly arrived in the post. First thoughts are , a cheapy plastic pot. Thats great. No fancy cardboard boxes, extra useless microfibres you never use, just straight forward packaging, showing that the product has the money in it , thats inside the pot. Its a very minty smelling wax and strong enough to clear any nasal colds , at this time of year. Now, I did apply it once in 8 degrees on one car ( December ) and reminded me of Collinite 476 in leaving it on too long and was quite a lot of effort to remove. Its a very hard wax, which I prefer , as hope it will be tougher to longevity of staying gripped to the paint. I also did another car in 11 deg and seemed to buff out a lot easier. It still initially leaves the finish as a little grabby , but leaving it for a few hours , seems to slick up more . Finish looks great and with the wintry weather recently and continual rain, shows to bead off the cars very easily and repel grime from sticking , almost making it look like I clean the cars more regulary than I actually do.
    Its a small pot of wax and using a sponge applicator , seems to go on very thinly , so the pot will definitely go a very long way. For the money/car , its peanuts .
    Summary: A hard wax , which does a great job at water repellancy , finish and depth. As for long term , its too early to say , but I have high hopes of a decent time gaps for re-applications so far. Nice product Car Chem !!

  2. Claire Thompson

    My new favourite wax! Easy to apply & such an amazing shine I achieved applying it to a white Golf

  3. Claire Thompson @r32missty

    My new favourite wax! Easy to apply & such an amazing shine I achieved applying it to a white Golf

    Image #1 from Claire Thompson @r32missty
  4. Nick Faulkner (verified owner)

    Love this product as I do the of the car chem range. It came in the post today so I gave the car a quick super suds wash and dry then applied the sapphire ceramic wax, I found it very easy to apply and very much like a high grade hard wax, I more surprised how easily it came off with a clean micro fibre even if the sun kept coming out.

    Image #1 from Nick Faulkner
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