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Car-Chem Hydroseal is our quick and easy way to apply a short term, last stage protection that aids vehicle drying.

A great addition for any detailer; professional and beginners alike. Not only does Hydroseal seal your vehicle’s paintwork, it also breaks down the surface tension of water making it a great drying aid.

The specially formulated hydrophobic sealant provides unmatched water beading on all exterior surfaces and will last wash after wash.

How To Use:

  1. Wash your vehicle as normal.
  2. Rinse to ensure all suds are removed.
  3. Apply a light mist to the entire exterior whilst still wet.
  4. Rinse off again to see instant hydrophobic effect.
  5. Dry using a drying towel.

Top Tip:

Car-Chem Hydroseal will last wash after wash, but to increase longevity subsequent top-up coats can be applied to a wet surface.

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3 reviews for Hydroseal

  1. E. Franco (store manager)

    Literally the best rinse aid on the market and it smells amazing! I used a whole bottle on 2 cars and a week later it still beads amazingly

  2. Ricky Martin

    Love this product a must have for all valeters & detailers

  3. SC (verified owner)

    Great stuff, I apply using a snow foam lance, 25% in the bottle, light foam on the car then pressure wash rinse, works really well and last for weeks. A great no contact dose of hydrophobic protection for the whole car including wheels and arches :-),

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