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Car-Chem Citrus Clean is an all purpose cleaner that can be used on virtually anything inside and outside your vehicle! Whether it be for removing carpet stains, or cleaning wheel arches our Citrus Cleaner will cope admirably. Simply dilute with water to your requirements or to our recommended guidelines and you’ll have a long lasting, fast acting and very effective safe cleaner.

How to use:

Spray Car-Chem Citrus clean on any surface you wish to clean.

Wipe over with a microfibre cloth until no residue remains

Repeat if necessary

For heavy cleaning allow the product to soak for 5 minutes and agitate with a detail brush if  required.

Top Tip!

Citrus clean can be diluted up to 25:1 with water!

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500ML, 1L, 5L, 25L

2 reviews for Citrus Clean

  1. rickydfc1977 (verified owner)

    I ordered a bottle of the new Citrus Clean and I was really impressed. Citrus Clean is great as a pre wash the dirt and grime is removed instantly ready for the main wash throughly recommend.

    Image #1 from rickydfc1977
  2. Chris D

    Citrus cleaners are not something I have used before so I cannot compare it to others available. Car-Chems Citrus Clean is extremely versatile. I now use use it weekly at 25mls : 975mls to clean sticky/oily handprints off the interior of my car and 50mls : 950mls as an exterior pre-cleaning agent. Wheels, engine bay and behind the petrol filler cap all seem to be well within its capability. Yesterday I sprayed a weak solution onto a house carpet before running the carpet cleaner across it. I think it gave an extra little boost. From what I have seen I think it is best at cutting through organic grime such as finger oils, food and drink spillage, bug splatter and birdlime. Because it is versatile in use and is good value for money, it makes it into my list of favourite Car-Chem Products.

    Image #1 from Chris D
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