HIDE – Leather Cream

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HIDE leather cream feeds the leather to enhance the appearance, suppleness and longevity. HIDE will moisturise your leather and make it feel amazing!

How to use:

Apply sparingly to your leather interior with a microfibre applicator. Do not scrub into the leather. Wipe away any excess. Apply a second coat if necessary.

Top tip!

Leather cream also cleans the leather really well, removing grease and grime to leave a deep, rich, satin finish.

1 review for HIDE – Leather Cream

  1. Claire @r32missty

    This is honestly the lushest leather product I have used to date! The cream absorbs quickly into the leather leaving it soft and nourished. I have used this on two 13 year old golfs with full leather interior, and it really brought it to life.

    Image #1 from Claire @r32missty
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