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The Car-Chem Magic Sponge is a strong but gentle way of removing unwanted scuffs from your plastic trim.

Made from melamine foam The Car-Chem Magic Sponge will remove scuff marks that traditional cleaners can’t. It can remove scuffs from all types of plastic surfaces.

Door panels, luggage compartments, load areas and seat backs are common places that can show scuffs and other signs of wear and tear.  The Magic Sponge effortlessly removes stubborn scuffs and blemishes from all decorative vinyl and plastic trim.

How To Use:

  1. Dampen sponge with water or suitable cleaning product.
  2. Rub vigorously over the offending mark.
  3. Wipe any residue with a clean microfibre cloth.

Top Tip:

For use on exterior plastics use our Tyre & Trim Dressing. For use on interior plastics use our All Clean.


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