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Made from the gentlest and finest wool available the Car-Chem Professional Merino Wool Wash Mitt is an essential for detailing enthusiasts.

Using a sponge to wash your car will unavoidably cause swirl damage to the paint, no matter how watchful and thorough you are. Dirt and grime will become trapped between the face of the sponge and the paint surfaces as you move around causing swirl marks. Avoid this by using our Merino wool wash mitt; with its deep pile, the dirt sinks into the fibres and stays there preventing paintwork damage.

This Merino Wool Wash Mitt is easily washable and comes with a black elastic cuff for comfort and grip when wet.

Care Instructions:

Rinse well under a warm clean tap to remove all debris and dirt – DO NOT machine wash, DO NOT wash with biological soaps. Allow to naturally dry , DO NOT dry in direct sun light or tumble dry. Brush the wool with a hair/pet brush to keep the wool fluffy. To avoid knots, lightly comb with a wide spoke brush.

Top Tip:

For the greatest performance, use in conjunction with our shampoo and a grit guard.

5 reviews for Professional Merino Wool Wash Mitt

  1. Matt S (store manager)

    Best item that I have bought for my car. No streaks spots or scratches! So easy to use and leaves the car sparkling clean. Cleans the car in half the time it used to take me. Would certainly advise my friends to buy.

  2. Car-Chem Mad (store manager)

    Bought at 15:00 and the next day @ 09:00 it was in my hand, very fast and super service. The Wash Mitt is great quality, It felt strange to wear this big thing on my hand and dip it into a bucket full of car soap. The first thing I noticed is that it holds a lot of water. Rubbing the car with the mitt is totally different to using a sponge. You do not hear any squeaky sounds as you rub and it feels much softer. There is also less lather. It felt so soft that I was wondering how it would ever clean the car. However, when I looked at the mitt, I could see dirt particles were accumulating deep within the fibers

  3. Clean Car Freak (store manager)

    Well made, quality mitt, very soft. It holds lots of water and wiping over car is quick and easy. May seem strange at first, especially if you are used to holding a sponge, but its very easy and allows you to clean areas that a thick sponge would be difficult to use. Yes its more expensive than a sponge, but well worth it and I only wish I’d discovered this a long time ago.

  4. Jen Jen (store manager)

    Bought on recommendation from a friend who is into these things. Surprised at how quickly I got the car washed with it. Did a great job – I may even wash the car again this month!

  5. Miracle Detail’s (store manager)

    If you use a sponge then stop and think for a moment. Its well documented on the web, sponges trap dirt and grit in between the surface of the sponge and your paint. If you then wipe the sponge across your car, chances are you will be dragging grit across your paint and causing those annoying light scratches and swirls in your paint. Get a mitt like this one or a lambs wool mitt.The deep pile means the grit is absorbed and held in the mitt away from your paint. The best method is really to rinse the mitt in a 2nd bucket as you go, that way the risk of scratching your car minimised even further. Cleaning it is easy after use. Rinse our with water.

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