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Car-Chem Tyre & Trim Dress is our last stage protection for your tyres.

A must have for any detailer; professional and beginner alike. Not only does it provide the perfect finish to all tyres, plastics and rubber trims, our tyre & trim dressing leaves behind a protective barrier that is resistant to road debris.

Specially formulated to be fast drying so you can get going again quickly without any dreaded sling.

How To Use:

  1. Clean, rinse and dry the surface prior to dressing.
  2. Lightly spray the required surface and wipe over with an applicator or clean, lint-free microfibre cloth.
  3. Leave to dry.
  4. Layer to achieve a higher gloss finish.

Top Tip:

If you are working in windy conditions, you can apply the product using an applicator to prevent overspray on to your paintwork. For ongoing protection, apply Car-Chem Tyre & Trim Dress after every vehicle wash.

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500ML, 1L, 5L, 25L





3 reviews for Tyre & Trim Dress

  1. Anne Price

    Don’t normally like watery dressings but can’t argue with results clean and shiny any product on paint easily removed only reason I gave it a 4 due to how thin it is. Would I buy it again yes I would

  2. John newton

    Very good product, soon as it went on the trim was shiny and glossy….and it lasted!!
    Will most definitely be ordering this again

  3. Claire Thompson

    Have been applying this product to the black trim on a 2008 car. It really freshens the colour up & is really easy to apply!

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